Finding Center Stage

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FINDING CENTER STAGE is about sex, love, and a major voice in entertainment going quiet. A brilliant, young musician tragically loses his fiancé and his direction in life. It takes his close friend and two talented women in one epic, healing summer to help him rediscover his genius and the possibility of loving again. FINDING CENTER STAGE will remind you of BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY and YESTERDAY but sit on the shelf beside DAISY JONES & THE SIX.

Richard, a musical prodigy, is walking the wrong way down the one-way road of his life. An accomplished guitarist and songwriter, he used to receive standing ovations with his fiancé from audiences around the world. His fingers were exquisitely-tuned instruments that danced across the frets and touched thousands of hearts. That was two years ago. Now, following the loss of his fiancé that he blames himself for, his fingers are lifeless, and his muse has gone quiet. In his final act of atonement for a debt he can never repay, Richard tries to give away his compositions so they can come to life in another’s voice as a tribute to the woman he loved. Rebuffed and rebuked, he meets an iconic singer who rekindles in him the musical genius he tried to forsake. To turn around on his one-way road, he must risk family ties, his life, and learn how to say goodbye. Sometimes funny, sometimes suspenseful, FINDING CENTER STAGE is a story about the relationships that uplift us, the long road of redemption, and what it takes to find peace in forgiving.



From the Author

Sometimes when you’re set apart, you’re meant to stand out.

As teens and young adults, we struggle to find the center stage of our lives, defining for ourselves who we are and what we’ll make of this lifetime. Although that journey never stops, we feel it most keenly at the beginning of adulthood when we are forced to take our first, tentative steps into the world of  “making it.” Like the first steps we took as infants, we fall, get hurt and stand back up. So it is with Richard Black, a musical prodigy who loses his fiance, loses his way, and loses the musical genius that is at the center of who he is. Most of us want to make this lifetime extraordinary but also feel a strong pull to stay safe. We end up straddling both worlds never quite satisfied with either. So it is with Richard, who must risk his family ties, his promising job and his sobriety to pursue the dream his brain tells him he shouldn’t but his heart tells him he must.

I hope you enjoy FINDING CENTER STAGE. Read an excerpt!


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