Finding Center Stage

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FINDING CENTER STAGE is about a brilliant, gutsy musician who, at 21, tragically loses his fiancé and then his direction in life. It takes his close friend and two talented women in one epic summer to help him rediscover his genius and to surrender to the possibility of loving again. Sometimes you have to get very lost before you can find your way forward again.

Richard Black has enough talent at 20 to become the next big thing in the music industry. That’s before his life turns upside down and he seeks the safety of a "normal" career. After running away from life for three years, he decides to give his hit-worthy compositions to a beautiful, star vocalist so the songs can live on even if his dream of performing cannot. His offer is rejected over and over but when Amy Laurel finally hears his songs, she flies him to her estate. Beneath his scarred and broken exterior, she gets a glimpse of his musical genius and generous heart. Amy's off-and-on-again partner, however, knows just how much of a threat Richard is. In the final showdown, Amy must choose between the two men and Richard must fight his way back to claim his own center stage where music can come back into his life and he can stand under the bright stage lights exactly as he is, whole and unafraid to love and be loved.


From the Author

Sometimes when you’re set apart, you’re meant to stand out.

As teens and young adults, we struggle to find the center stage of our lives, defining for ourselves who we are and what we’ll make of this lifetime. Although that journey never stops, we feel it most keenly at the beginning of adulthood when we are forced to take our first, tentative steps into the world of  “making it.” Like the first steps we took as infants, we fall, get hurt and stand back up. So it is with Richard Black, a musical prodigy who loses his fiance, loses his way, and loses the musical genius that is at the center of who he is. Most of us want to make this lifetime extraordinary but also feel a strong pull to stay safe. We end up straddling both worlds never quite satisfied with either. So it is with Richard, who must risk his family ties, his promising job and his sobriety to pursue the dream his brain tells him he shouldn’t but his heart tells him he must.

I hope you enjoy FINDING CENTER STAGE. Read an excerpt!


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