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The world has been at peace for 111 years. The price has been removing those predicted to upset that peace. Sara Miles just turned 18 and she’s on the wrong list. NUMBERED will remind you of MINORITY REPORT but sit on the shelf beside THE ONE, STATION ELEVEN, and the 2020 prequel to THE HUNGER GAMES.

In the land once known as the United States, the Chancellery thrives and rules the world. War, random acts of violence and serious crime have been eradicated at the cost of millions of young lives. On Numbering Day, the Chancellery processes every 18-year-old. Graduates emerge with a Number and a Number Book that shows them with astounding accuracy every second of the rest of their lives. As the Chancellery says, “Life unfolds on the pages in your hands.” Some people never open their Number Book. Some won’t travel without it. The Chancellery ruthlessly culls anyone whose futures show they will become criminals. Except, something happened to the Numbering this year. When Sara Miles, valedictorian of Citadel 2 goes through a Numbering Machine, she and almost everyone afterward are culled. Sara must discover if her family’s secret made her the cause of all the cullings, or if she is just a scapegoat for someone else’s darker purposes. She must evade the Chancellery long enough to decipher the clues her father left so she can understand why she is at the center of a massive change that will either save or doom her, her family, her co-conspirator she falls for, and the millions wrongly culled. She must do all of that and outwit her Number Book before midnight, which is when the pages in her Book show that she will die.

I'm sure you've been numbered: SAT score? IQ score? FICO score? BMI health score? Numbered takes this to the extreme. 

If you loved The One, Station Eleven, Minority Report, The Hunger Games, Divergent, or Maze Runner, you’ll love Numbered.

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