(Reviews from early readers)

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It’s rare to see a character evolve so compellingly within the span of a novel. And with authenticity to boot! Finding Center Stage is an utterly charming novel about what it takes to realize a dream that you didn't know still existed. I will not soon forget Richard, our wounded yet incisive protagonist, nor his eccentric and world-weary bandmates, who rally around his last bid for musical stardom. In the end, you'll be cheering too. 
                      --Kiele Raymond, former editor at Simon and Schuster

I fell in love with this novel from the first chapter. The author's ability to surround each character and event with the most vivid and detailed descriptions and imagery made it impossible to put down the book until the last page was turned. A refreshing, enchanting, heartfelt glimpse into one man's struggle to fulfill his dreams. A must read!
                      --Candice Naiditch, former production assistant at MGM/United Artists

Beautifully written, vividly imagined, every chapter and every storyline was exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Finding Center Stage and still can’t get over the use of imagery.... So many conflicts between the characters and within Richard himself! They kept every chapter and every story line exciting. 
                       --Donna Grimm, author 

I finished your book in what for me was record time.  The more I read, the more I wanted to keep reading.  I was captured.   And you captured the soaring experience of playing music that was very moving and convincing.  Not an easy task. I’m impressed, and ready for the next one.
                        --Dr. Bill Koehler

What is so special about FINDING CENTER STAGE is that it dramatizes the interior conflict many artistically talented people will recognize: should I spend my life doing what I most desire to do - and what my talent tells me I must- or should I take the safe, secure life path instead? That's what this riveting story is really about. Some talented artists, musicians and writers risk failure in all its forms: poverty, rejection, scorn, to give it their best shot. Others spend their lives at what's secondary to them rather than take that leap of faith. We all root for those who have the courage. FINDING CENTER STAGE is a vivid vicarious trip through this dilemma.
                         --Steve Davenport, author, No Ivory Tower