Discussion Questions for Finding Center Stage


Thank you for discussing Finding Center Stage in your book club. I hope you grow to love the characters as I have. Feel free to contact me. I enjoy speaking to book club members virtually and in person. I’d like to invite you to join my Insider’s Club to stay in touch!  Also, feel free to send me your thoughts on the novel. I read every submission. Best wishes!

1.  The novel describes Richard as someone who drives too fast and pushes too hard. What are all the ways in which Richard is reckless or a daredevil? Why do you think he is?

2.  The dried up insects on the windowsill in his uncle’s attic capture Richard’s attention. Why and how is that image used throughout the book?

3.  Why do you think Richard really went to Texas?

4.  Using words to make you hear music is difficult. How does (or doesn’t) the book enable you to hear Richard’s music? What music do you hear (if you do)?

5.  What are the ways that Amy and Richard’s ex-fiance are alike and different?

6.  Richard finds himself in a spotlight getting his hair cut. What is the significance of that moment for him?

7.  With a gun to his head, Richard has several revelations about himself and his ex-fiance. What were those revelations, does his understanding of Emily change with them, and how does that impact him?

8.  Children appear several times in the novel. How do they influence Richard?

9.  How do different people throughout the novel view Richard’s scars differently? What does Richard realize as a result?

10. What are the different ways Richard grows as a person throughout the novel?

11. The last line of the novel talks about having a David inside us and beside us. What does that mean to you?

12. Do you have things in your life that hold you back from pursuing your dreams? What are they and if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you love to do?