Chatting with NYT Bestseller, David Balducci

David is a perennial New York Time's best selling author who has just come out with his latest novel, The Last Mile. I chatted with David in New York. 

If you've not read his novels, you're in for a pleasant surprise. His  prose is smooth and evocative. In his latest, Amos Decker, super sleuth, returns for a thriller.

David shared about what it's like to be a bestselling author; it's not always fun and roses. He gets to travel the world to speak at events but otherwise goes unrecognized. One time, as he was walking through an airport, he saw someone reading one of his novels. He debated with himself about interrupting and finally decided to go over.

"Would you like me to sign it?" 

"Why would I want you to sign my book?" said the very tall guy in the Boston Red Sox cap.

"I'm David Balducci."

"Yeah, right. Do I have to call the police?"

David grabs the book, turns it around so the picture of him shows right next to his own face. He points to the picture and then to his face.

The guy looks from the book to the face, from the face to the book and then a sheepish smile sneaks onto his face. "Mr. Balducci, I'm a big fan."

The time for compliments had passed minute ago. Regardless, David signs the book. And that's what it's like to be a bestselling author!