Reality Just Got Weirder

Reality just got weirder than science fiction! Quantum Teleportation sounds like Star Trek. It is, in fact, that fantastical. You thought the mind-bending infinity of space, or time dilation, or the odd behavior of particles/waves at the minuscule level was incredible. Now, scientists in Canada just showed that one particle can impact another 7 kilometers away without anything physical traveling between them. What?? How can something here affect something there without anything traveling between them? Scientists in Australia are now proposing a technique to make 5000 particles disappear from one place and appear almost immediately somewhere else.

The world of science fiction brings new ideas to life, like Star Trek's automatically, sliding doors, communicator (cell phone), tri-corder (scanning devices), etc. But just as nature can create beauty in a way that far outstrips our abilities to create it (look at the feathers of a parrot or peacock), the nature of the world we live in can shock us in ways that lie beyond what we can imagine as real. Proving that two particles are linked without physical connection, separated by 7 kilometers is such a mind-blowing discovery--science fiction novels will now have to catch up. 

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